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Joe is the process of publishing two books on teaching Clown and Physical Comedy. Book one will be published by Nick Hern Books and will be entitled, Drama Games for Teaching Clown and Physical Comedy. It will include discussions, games and exercises on the themes of Energy, Play, Curiosity, Competition, Collaboration, Provocation, Complication, Prop Play, Physicality, and Clown Solo, Duo, Trio, and Ensemble work.

Book two will be published by Bloomsbury, working title, CLOWN, The Physical Comedian. This will be a much larger book and along with insights into Joe's teaching process, games and exercises, it will include color photos of clowns and physical comedy performers.

Many of the exercises are original and cannot be found in any other books. These will be one of a kind handbooks for Actors, Teachers, Directors, Improvisers, Clowns, Stand Up Comedians, Circus Artists, Musical Theatre Actors, Renaissance Players, Street Performers and Physical Theatre artists.

Both books contain detailed descriptions of exercises and games for ensemble building, character development, creating cabaret and clown routines, devising theatre and working with established scripts. These exercises have been tried and tested in classrooms, workshops and theatres all over the world.

The books are full of wise words and incisive insights by an artist who has over 35 years of experience as an actor, teacher, director and designer, working in venues ranging from house parties to nightclubs, varieté to cabaret, intimate performances in black box theatres to street performing on the plazas of Europe, from one-ring circuses to three-ring American extravaganzas, the Scottish National Opera to Shakespeare’s Globe, the London Olympics to Wembley Stadium.

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